Conference Agenda

08:45 Registration & Refreshments

Welcome to Instant Payments Summit 2017

09:00 Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks

Mark McMurtrie | Independent Consultant Editor | InstaPay


09:10 Power Panel – Experts Panel Session 1

  • Defining Instant Payments
  • What is SCT Inst scheme?
  • Why instant payments? Drivers of Instant Payments
  • Benefits for different stakeholders
  • Who is driving this new momentum
  • Look into use-cases – P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B
  • Instant Payments Landscape- Current deployments? 25 countries live
  • Case-studies from UK, Denmark, Poland, Sweden & more
  • Will IP lead us towards a harmonised Europe?
  • Update on ECB’s TIPS initiative
  • Javier Santamaria | Chair | European Payments Council (Spain)
  • Begoña Sánchez | Chair WG-IP | Febelfin (Belgium)
  • Stig Korsgaard | Chief Sales Officer | Clearing Services | Nets A/S (Denmark)
  • Sr Executive | TBA | Sopra Banking Software (BE)
  • Mark McMurtrie | Independent Consultant / Editor | InstaPay (UK.) moderator
  • 9:50 Open & Instant, this is the world we live in

  • Synopsis: Instant is the new norm in front and payments have become central steps in highly automated business processes. The context differs from what the industry has experienced up until now. During this session FIS Global will share lessons learned from implementing real time payments across the globe and how the move to open and instant is shaping the industry

  • Marijke Koninckx | Global Product Marketing Manager | FIS Global

    10:10 Keynote from the Nets A/S

  • Synopsis: With Instant Payments becoming the new normal across Europe and globally, the competition and potential does not stop here. We will take a look at possible services covering use cases across the consumer, business and governmental segments, the integrated experience, and how this – for the financial industry – eventually could not only be a winning game, but also the last new payments infrastructure to implement.

    Stig Korsgaard | Chief Sales Officer | Clearing Services | Nets A/S

  • 10:30 EPC’s SCT Inst scheme: a further step in European payments integration

  • EPC in a snapshot
  • Key characteristics of the SCT Inst scheme
  • Flexibility is in the DNA of SCT Inst
  • What are the next steps to make SCT Inst a reality in November 2017?
  • Javier Santamaría | Chair | European Payments Council
  • 10:50 Simplifying Instant Payments, a community project in Belgium

  • Ms Begoña Blanco Sánchez is representing Belgium in the EPC and chair of the work stream Product Instant Payments in Febelfin (Belgian Fin. Inst. Association) She will present on “Innovative payments/Instant Payments, a community project in Belgium: What ? how ? when ? Use cases, channels, added value services…”

    Begoña Sánchez | Payments Expert | ING Bank (Belgium)

  • 11:10 Networking & Coffee Break


11:30 Immediate confirmation of payments

Mr. Daragh Kirby will has over 15 years’ experience in working with banks, market infrastructures and the market leading software vendors to source and provide the right solution for payments and financial messaging. Daragh has extensive experience working with customers adopting SEPA, ISO20022, Payments Hubs, SWIFT modernisation, UK Faster Payments and now SCT Inst.

Daragh Kirby | Sales Director, and a payments SME working | INTERCOPE 

  • 11:50 Instant Payments Approach in Germany

    • Implementation of IP in a bank – Possible use cases
    • Alternative for cash and card payments?
    • Benefits for different stakeholders
    • Including immediate confirmations for IPs
    • Impact on corporates facing IPs
    • Key challenges for banks and corporates
    • Corinna Lauer | Director | UniCredit Bank AG
    • 12:10 Building cash-light societies

    • Tieto instant payment switch experience in the Nordics and Africa Latest Case Studies – Instant Payments projects including Siirto (National real time payments in Finland) and PesaLink (Instant payments platform connecting 45 banks in Kenya) being developed fully on Tieto software platform.

      Valdis Janovs, Tieto Payments, Head of Sales | Tieto (Latvia)

    • 12:30 TARGET Instant payment settlement (TIPS) initiative

    • TIPS is intended as a harmonised and standardised pan-European service with common functionality across different countries and jurisdictions.TIPS shall support Participants to be compliant with the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme which the European Payments Council (EPC) has developed for instant payments in Euro. In this session obtain latest insights on TIPS initiative.
    • Mehdi Manaa, Head of Division Market Infrastructure Development | ECB
    • 12:50 Networking Lunch

      SESSION 3

    13:30 Experts Panel Session – 2

    • Are current payment systems ready for Instant payments across the entire payments chain? Are instant payment a new IT renewal major program? How can Fintech help? What have we collectively learned from SEPA implementation that could apply for Instant payments? Can interoperability between Clearing solutions feasible?
    • Jozsef Czimer | Adviser to the CEO | Capsys Informatics (Hungry)
    • Francis De Roeckcid | Head of SEPA offering | BNP Paribas (Belgium)
    • Marijke Koninckx | Global Product Marketing Manager | FIS Global
    • Mark McMurtrie | Independent Consultant / Editor | InstaPay (UK) moderator
    • 14:00 Payments Modernisation – A global outlook.

    • How can payment infrastructures around the world be modernised
    • How are evolving technology trends changing the course of the payments innovation?
    • The essential features of a real-time payments platform
    • George Evers | Immediate Payments Services Director | VocaLink
    • 14:20 Instant payments and beyond. A Dutch view

    • Instant payments – How Dutch market is evolving
    • The how & why & status of the Dutch IP infrastructure project
    • Impact on iDEAL – What it all might mean?
    • Piet Mallekoote | CEO | Dutch Payments Association
    • 14:40 Instant payments landscape in Poland

    • Express Elixir system in a nutshell
    • P2P mobile payments
    • New transfer types introduced in order to serve public administration
    • Express Elixir vs SCT Inst – Development directions
    • Grzegorz Lenkowski | Director of Instant Payments | KIR / Express Elixir
    • 15:00 Bringing instant payments beyond mobile P2P

    • Why are we doing instant payments?
    • How to expand beyond domestic?
    • What challenges need to be solved?
    • Mark Munne | Instant Payments SME | equensWorldline
    • 15:20 BNP Paribas approach on Instant Payments

    • The intrinsic features and values of instant payments
    • The use cases
    • The roll out of instant payments use cases in the time
    • Francis De Roeckcid | Head of SEPA offering | BNP Paribas (Belgium)
    • 15:40 Networking & Coffee Break

      SESSION 4

    16:00 Instant payments: an inconvenient truth!

    Laurent Hupet | Payments & Cards Product Manager – Software Strategy & Innovation

    Tom Lambrecht Payments go-to-market Manager | Sopra Banking Software

  • 16:20 Securing the future of real-time inter-bank transfer data

  • Hear an impartial critique of the drivers, challenges and current and forthcoming regulation for payment leaders in banks, industry and regulators – • The issues and opportunities moving forward

    • The banking initiatives driving adoption

    • Security and assurance in the instant payments financial system

    • A perspective from the industry on how the payment card technology could be used to secure instant payments.

  • Lorenzo Gaston | Technical Director | Smart Payment Association (France)
  • 16:40 Conference Chair’s closing remarks

  • Mark McMurtrie | Independent Consultant / Editor | InstaPay (UK.)
  • 17:00 End of Conference

  • 17:05 Evening Drinks